CATCO has been evolving to reflect the changing cultural scene in central Ohio. One of the ways we have changed is the way you can be a regular part of our programming. Some of you love to know that you have seats on every opening night or the first Sunday matinee of the run or what ever the choice is. You mark it on your calendar and if something comes up you know that you can exchange your tickets for another performance. Subscription is perfect for you.
Others find your busy schedules make it impossible to know when you are available. FlexTix are perfect for you. Whether you buy subscriptions, FlexTix, or single tickets you are a part of CATCO.
Another way in which we have changed is that we have bundled ourselves into a single brand. As we move forward, you will see us refer to our fine programs for young people (formerly known as The Phoenix Theatre for Children)  as CATCO is Kids. It's still the same imaginative and captivating programming, but it draws us all a little closer to help central Ohioans know who we are and how broad our reach of programming is.
We urge you to make a commitment to join us on a regular basis. Something exciting is happening at CATCO and we don't want you to miss it.