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Auditions for:
Home by Samm-Art Williams
Moonlight and Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson
Nureyev's Eyes by David Rush

Audition Dates:
Saturday June 1 1-6pm
Monday June 3 2-8pm
Tuesday June 4 2-8pm
Callbacks TBD

Studio 3 Theatre , The Vern Riffe Center, 77 S. High St, Columbus, OH 43215
To schedule an audition please email your name, contact information and audition date/time preference to:

Audition slots will be given on a first come first serve basis.

These are Equity Principal Auditions. The producer will run all aspects of the audition. All Actors (union and non-union) are encouraged to audition. Please bring two copies of your headshot/resume with you to the audition.

Actors will have three minutes to audition and may choose to present two contrasting pieces, or one piece with considerable range. Please bring two copies of your headshot/resume with you to the audition.

Production Information

Home by Samm-Art Williams
Rehearsals: Oct 11- Nov 5, 2019
Performances: Nov 6-24, 2019

Home, Samm-Art Williams’ poignantly moving, Tony nominated drama about one African-American’s search to find his forever home. His journey to find a rewarding life takes him to a surprising place.

Character Descriptions:
Cephus Miles: A Young African American Southern farmer who moves to the North. Character is portrayed as a teen-ager, in his early twenties, age thirty-five and age forty.
Woman One/Pattie Mae Wells: A Young African American Southern woman who is the girlfriend of Cephus Miles. Woman One, in addition to portraying Pattie Mae Wells, portrays several male and female characters with an age range from the teens to forties. Preference to be given to an African-American Female.
Woman Two: Portrays several male and female characters ranging in age from the teens to forty. Preference to be given to an African-American Female.

Moonlight and Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson
Rehearsals: Feb 14- March 10, 2020
Performances: March 11-29, 2020

The of story of legendary producer David O. Selznick, who, in 1939, shut down production of his new epic, Gone With the Wind, because the script wasn’t working. The all-powerful movie mogul summons famed screenwriter Ben Hecht and formidable director Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard of Oz, to his office to rewrite the script. The door is closed and five days later they complete a blueprint for one of the most beloved films of all time.

Character Descriptions:
Ben Hecht: A screen play writer and script doctor who began as a journalist. He cannot contain his sarcasm and cynicism for this project. He is a 40-50 year old "Big Brain."
Victor Flemming: A larger than life director of many blockbuster films. He resembles nothing more than an iconic cowboy. He could be considered the "Big Guy" he is in his late 40's.
David O Selznick: A legendary producer whose brainchild is adapting Gone With The Wind for the silver screen. If Gone With The Wind is the "Big Book," he is the "Big Shot." he is 30ish and rather stylish and urbane.
Miss Poppenghul: The den mother/ secretary of Selznick and the merry band. She is long suffering in her cheeriness and professionalism.

Nureyev's Eyes by David Rush
Reherasals: March 20- April 14, 2020
Performances: April 15- May 3, 2020

CATCO and the Columbus Museum of Art will join forces to celebrate the art and friendship between Jamie Wyeth, son of legendary painter, Andrew Wyeth, and Russian dancer Rudolph Nureyev in Nureyev’s Eyes by David Rush. This true story chronicles the relationship of these two aspiring artists, whose friendship changes each of them for the better in an intense intersection of art and ambition.

Character Descriptions:
Jamie Wyeth: a painter in his thirties
Rudolf Nureyev: a dancer about 9 years older