F--K Marry Kill

CATCO will hold General Auditions for Actors on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 1 pm–3 pm for a stage reading of:

F--K Marry Kill
By Jim Azelvandre 
Directed by Joe Bishara
Performance Date: 6/19/16 at 6 pm in Studio One of the Vern Riffe Center (Free/Open to the General Public)

*Please arrive at the audition start time - auditions are being conducted in an open, large group format.*

Auditions will be held at:
The Columbus Performing Arts Center (CPAC)
Shedd Theatre
549 Franklin Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

Actors auditioning for F--K Marry Kill will be asked to read from the script, THIS IS NOT A COLD READING. Digital versions of the script are made available by contacting CATCO Associate Producing Director Joe Bishara ( Please bring a recent photo and resume to the audition. Please bring your calendar and be prepared to provide us with any potential rehearsal conflicts.

Please park in the lot directly across from the building (NOT the lot that is connected to the center). There will be signs in the lobby of the building that specifiy where to park.

Rehearsal Dates:
6/12/16–Riffe Center–Studio One Theatre–4–7 pm
6/13/16–Riffe Center Studio One Theatre–6–9 pm
6/14/16–Riffe Center–Studio One Theatre–6–9 pm
6/15/16–Riffe Center–Studio One Theatre–6–9 pm
6/16/16–Riffe Center–Studio One Theatre–6–9 pm
6/19/16–Riffe Center–Studio One Theatre–1–3 pm

Veronica "Ronnie" Durant–late 30's/early 40's. Prostitute. To call her a faded beauty would suggest her appearance is out of her control. Still beautiful, she no longer cares what she looks like. Strong, pragmatic, she does what needs to be done.

Elmer Sykes–Anywhere from 30's to 50's. Big, doughy and full of braggadocio. A small time drug dealer, he thinks he's one big score away from the big time. He's not.

Walker Grant–late 30's/early 40's. Alcoholic with secrets. Haunted by the past. Sensitive to a fault.

CiCi Flowers–early 20's. A dancer at the local strip club. Saving her money to move to LA. Not too bright, but doesn't often need to be. Confident that she can make men do whatever she wants. She's usually right.

Alexis Kallikantzaros–Teens. Bookworm. Nosy and blunt.

Silas–early 30's/early 40's. Police Detective. A classic bad cop.

Carter–early 30's/early 40's. Police Detective. A classic worse cop.



2016–2017 Artist Education apprenticeship

CATCO will be holding auditions for our 2016–2017 Artist Education apprenticeship on April 2, 2016 and April 3, 2016 from 6–7:30 PM at the Columbus Performing Arts Center:
549 Franklin Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

Duties include:

    A) Performing supporting/leading roles in two of the CATCO is Kids productions in addition to understudying and/or performing in a minimum of two CATCO productions at Vern Riffe Center.
    B) Crew member/usher for CATCO is Kids and CATCO performances
    C) Participating in Artist Education Training and teaching residencies in Columbus City School system
    D) Participating in Ohio Attorney General's Finding Words Program
    E) Social Media marketing assistance for CATCO and CATCO is Kids productions
    F) Participation in CATCO is Kids Saturday Morning Musical classes
    G) Participation in CATCO is Kids Audition Classes


Actors auditioning for the 2016–2017 Artist Educator Apprenticeship should prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues in addition to 16 bars of a contemporary Musical Theatre piece. An accompanist will be provided.

Arist Education Apprentices receive a stipend of $315/week. Housing is not provided.

If you are interested in scheduling an audition on 4/2 or 4/3, please email CATCO Associate Producing Director, Joe Bishara at