“As the director of one of these incredible short plays, I feel a great responsibility to give a representative view of what an anti-racist future looks like. A future where having conversations about race, culture, and the complete history and present of our country are as natural as conversations about sports and homework.  These plays can act as an entryway point for a broad range of ages and cultures to broach these, traditionally, difficult subjects and normalize the conversations around them.  Any role I can have in that process is one I’m excited, honored, and humbled to play.”
Kenneth Brown on his involvement in Short Plays Toward an Antiracist Tomorrow

Kenneth Brown is a Columbus-based renaissance artist with acting, singing, dancing, writing, choreography, and directing credits.  He has recently had the opportunity to be involved locally in many aspects of performance art including as an actor, singer, dancer, assistant choreographer for “Renaissance Magic”, actor, singer, dancer and choreographer in several productions with Thiossance West African Dance Institute, a dancer for Onyx Productions’ “The Colored Section”, and a Theatre Roundtable “Excellence In Choreography” award-winning turn as choreographer for State of The Arts Productions’ “The Color Purple.” While he has always had a passion for art that speaks to the injustices in our political, ethnic, and socioeconomic climate, during the current pandemic and time of civil unrest he has become dedicated to anti-racist artistic endeavors including a collaboration with New Vision Dance Company, “Forward”, his own filmed spoken word piece “Round 1”, and three short plays with Theater For All People for the HeART of Protest.